Acryline® 2

Denturite has been discontinued, so try Acryline® 2 Temporary Denture Liner Kit.  It is available to customers looking for a Replacement to Denturite for an effective and convenient-to-use denture reliner. 

The Acryline® 2 stops discomfort of soggy pastes and powders and provides a firm custom fit. 

Each unit provides two temporary liners one for the upper and/or the lower plates.  Two repairs!

ORDER Acryline® 2 - Great Value - Works just like Denturite.


Denture Reliner Kit

Try Acryline® 2

  1. -2 Applications Pre-Measured

  2. -Zinc Free

  3. -Provides a firm fit.

  4. -No soggy pastes or powders

  5. -Safe & Reliable

  6. -Easy & At Home Use

  7. -Fast Relief/ Immediate Comfort

  8. -Trusted Brand for 54 years!

  9. -Manufactured in the USA by a leading FDA Licensed Dental Manufacturer since the 1960’s!

  10. -Free Shipping


Has Been


Since Sea-Bond Denturite has been discontinued and is no longer available, try Acryline® 2 Temporary Denture Reliner.  It is available as a replacement to customers looking for an effective and convenient-to-use denture reliner kit.

Try Acryline® 2
- 2 Applications
- Provides a firm fit.
- No soggy pastes/ powders

  1. -Free Shipping